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dove tailed. if our control room can put together a freeze frame from the night in grant park when this family of four came forward to the stage and compare and contrast it to tonight. we'll look at graphically what the president was talking about how much and how beautifully his daughters have grown up in the public eye. they continue to attend school, work on their studies, while the modern world unfolds around them. and -- the music of bruce springsteen starts up. we take care of our own. often kind of misconstrued song as wasis an often misunderstood song, as was his "born in the usa." he's been a stalwart on the
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campaign. he was a passenger on air force one. look at that -- look at that on the right. comparatively little girls, compared to today. all grown up. bruce springsteen was a passenger on air force one yesterday. and his soundtrack has become the soundtrack of this campaign. he's been a stalwart for the president. david gregory is with us. chuck todd, andrea mitchell and tom brokaw. sum up what we've just seen. >> this is going to be a difficult place to manage, even with a second term. but make no mistake, brian. this is a president with some muscle. he just got re-elected after four years of a very difficult economy, that was very slow to recover. still is slow to recover. very high debt. fiscal house not in order, in any way, shape or form. a lot of challenges, two foreign
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wars. a lot of questions of america's influence in the world. a lot of the headwind. and he pulled this out. and it wasn't a narrow victory. this could turn out to be rather big. he brings all of that to a soaring speech, where he made a point of reaching out to governor romney, praising his father and his mother. and praising the service of mitt romney, as well, as well as his parents. hope to meet with governor romney to talk about a way forward. talked about meeting with republicans, as well. he knows he has to signal to the country, the things he has to change. they have to work together to deal with the fiscal cliff. >> it was nice for a lot of americans to hear about george romney. we have another call here. another state has been awarded to mitt romney. that is the state of alaska. where we are projecting he will be the victor when all the votes
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are counted, leading 55-41. to our local stations, those on the west coast, who need to breakaway to cover some local news, we will let you do that. and we are going to keep going here on the east coast. all this activity on stage in chicago. tonight, in this election, you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know, in our hearts, that for the united states, the best is yet to come. >> forward with four more years. president obama re-elected to a
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second term, clinching ohio to get the electoral votes needed to defeat mitt romney. good evening, everyone. >> it is the pivotal night in america. and a crucial night here in california. the presidential race is over but many races here in the bay area are still in play at this late hour. on the bottom of your screen, you'll notice a ticker, an nbc ticker, with all the current local results. >> we have team live coverage for you on the presidential race and the other issues on the ballots. jean elle with a who's who in san francisco. david trujillo is in san jose. and sam brock is here to sort through the facts with us. >> let's start with jean elle with the celebration in san francisco, with a lot of supporters. >> reporter: this is a party for senator dianne feinstein. she won re-election tonight. but many supporters had tv
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screens on. and every time there was good news about president obama, they would cheer, applauding what was happening on the other side of the nation. senator feinstein says her victory is important. but the president's re-election is key. she will set the tone for the nation and lawmakers. she is looking forward to a conversation with president obama. she wants to tell the president to end politics as usual and to bring people together so the house and senate can get some work done. >> he's very skilled on domestic policy. the question comes, can he bring the bodies together to get something done? to get a farm bill passed, to get a global warming bill passed. >> reporter: senator feinstein says she has legislative goals to get passed. and she is counting on president obama to get that happen. a lot of soul-searching for republicans in this state and across the country.
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let's go to jodi hernandez who joins us in orange county with the republicans there. >> jodi, we just heard president obama a moment ago saying he was going to reach out to mitt romney and work with the governor to move the country forward. how was that taken there? >> reporter: jessica, the weren't a lot of folks around to hear that message. it's been a disappointing night in orange county. this was supposed to be a victory party. most of the room has cleared out as folks have headed home. again, headed home to deal with a crushing defeat. >> she would have been a wonderful first lady. >> reporter: the state's gop headquarters in orange county. what was supposed to be a victory party turned into anything but, as governor mitt romney conceded defeat. >> we'll recover. we'll rebuild. we'll move on. and we'll follow a leader.
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and we'll hope for another tomorrow. >> reporter: former governor pete wilson took the podium, telling the crowd, we will live to fight another day. he called the re-elect of president obama worrisome and painful. >> this was a battle. but the war goes on. >> reporter: they worked their tails off campaigning for romney. even spending election day knocking on doors. they're crushed. >> to win an election like this, it just befuddles me. i'm very disappointed in our country. >> reporter: we are back, live in orange county. you can see this room has pretty much cleared out. folks had hoped they would have had reason to celebrate and party throughout the night. instead, most folks, again, have simply headed home. reporting live in costa mesa,
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i'm jodi hernandez. >> thank you. we want to switch our attention to the propositions. a big story around the bay area and the state. let's look at the big one. governor brown has a lot riding on prop 30. you essentially heard all of the information on this. this would increase taxes for people making $250,000 or more. most of the money would go to public schools. jerry brown, about an hour said hang tight, we're going to come back in this race. and he speaks the truth. in the last hour, prop 30 has taken a slight lead in terms of the yes votes. yes on 30. very slightly over the no votes. >> all right. let's check in with cheryl hurd live in sacramento, where the governor has been the last couple of weeks, making a big push for yes on 30. saying he needed this to pass or the trigger cuts were going to go in. but it was iffy for a very long
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time. >> no one is giving up on this race. this crowd right here is waiting for the governor. a lot of people you see here are waiting on pins and needles as they watch these results come in for a yes on 30. a yes on 30 would add between $7 billion and $9 billion a year for the next seven years through an increased tax. right now, it looks like california voters are not necessarily making up their mind about this particular measure. we spoke with california school superintendent about the fallout, if a yes on 30 fails. >> well, i'm nervous. so much is at stake for the kids of california and our higher education students. devastating cuts have occurred already. schools have lost 25% of their funding. we could see schools shorten their school year three to four weeks of the year that we normally have, would be gone.
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if proposition 30 fails, we're in big trouble. >> reporter: boy. it looks like it pulled ahead. but nobody is doing a jig tonight. i spoke with john kapal. he said he knew the race would be a tight one. he says it's too early to declare victory. he believes the governor can get the money somewhere else to help fight california schools. but again, pulling ahead ever so slightly. and everyone here believes that it would win. but right now, it is too close to call. and we're, again, waiting for the governor to come down. he could come down at any moment now. reporting live at sacramento, i'm cheryl hurd. >> prop 30 right now up by 1%. prop 30 also had competition, proposition 38. at one point, lawmakers were telling everyone to vote for both of them. the alternative to prop 30, 38,
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that would go directly to schools on a sliding scale tax. but fiercely opposed by governor brown. you can see this one was just pummeled completely by voters today. voters rejecting prop 38. we want to bring in stan brock with fact-checking in all this. there's been hype on both sides of the cane on prop 30. a lot of fear, prop 30 is trending in the yes direction. give us an explainer here. what happens if it fails or if it is yes tomorrow morning? >> we saw the numbers. it does seem like it's a toss-up at this point. 50% more, 54% against. there's 31% of districts reporting at this moment. there's major areas of the state of california that have not weighed in. we don't know yet. i'm an optimist. maybe you're an optimist. let's look at what would happen if prop 30 passed. you hear numbers of $6 billion. we're looking at the trigger
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cuts if prop 30 fails. let me address that first. if prop 30 fails, this is because of the fact it was assumed by the legislature and by governor brown, it would be part of the budget, you're looking at trigger cuts of $5.3 billion in cuts, $250 million to the university of california system, $250 million to the state university system and $50 million to developmental services, just to same a few, for a total of $6 billion in cuts. those are the trigger cuts. that would be a double-whammy to schools. they're losing $6 billion a year. it would go into the general fund. but here is where it gets into the nitty-gritty and something we need to clarify for you. if the money does get aproved and it goes into the general fund. it's not like a shot in the arm. it's a misrepresentation. it goes into the general fund. and a percentage of that goes to education. about 40% a year.
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but it will be helping other state services, core services, such as prisons, social services, health care, all kinds of things. it's not true to assume that money is going all to education. but the schools need it because it's absorbed $170 per student that it's lost over the last u four years. >> it's about keeping the status quo instead of eliminating, which was confusing to people. >> that's the absolute point. >> thank you. parents and administrators watching and standing by. our election coverage is just getting started. we'll have more results coming in as we speak. right now, we want you to look at prop 32, political contributions. you can see -- we have some san jose city council up right now. district 8, with rose herrera,
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winning over jimmy nguyen. there's been infighting. >> also san jose city council, johnny camas and bronstein. >> and share your comments with us on our facebook page. >> as we go to break, we're going to hear from more from president barack obama, re-elected tonight, as the 44th president of the united states. stay with us. >> you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and oppression. the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope. the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams. we are an american family. and we rise or fall together, as one nation and as one people.
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welcome back to our election night coverage. we were talking about the races in san jose. two seats are up for grabs in two bitter races. in one of the races, allegations of dirty politics. >> city council district 8. we showed you how it looked two minutes ago. reaction to what's going on there. >> reporter: we heard a big roar at the victory party for the campaign of rose herrera. rose is right here right now. let me bring her in. what was the big roar about? >> we're seeing new updates. and the trend's looking really good. you know, we're up 55% or better in 20 precincts. it's pretty -- it's getting to that point where you want to start saying we've won the race. >> you're not there yet, though. >> people are telling me to call. but i'm feeling really optimistic, obviously. >> reporter: one thing you said,
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you will extend an olive branch to police and fire and those who fought against you. >> this is all about being a leader in the community. and i'm really honored to be a leader in this city and in my district. we need to come together as a community. i have the greatest respect for the police officers that do their job every day, keeping our streets safe and the firefighters. and all of the other city employees. i want to make sure our residents are taken care of. we all intend to work together. i intend to work together and reach out to everyone. that's what we do in this city. we're going to recover from all of this and move on. >> any regrets about how ugly it got? >> i don't. i'm proud of the campaign i ran. i'm proud of the people that supported me. we ran a long, hard fight. i think we just have to move on from here and reach out and come together because this is a time where we have a lot of things we need to work on in this city. we need to make sure we stay financially strong.
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i have an aggressive plan to bring jobs into the city. it's a lot of work to be done and a lot of great things to be accomplished. >> reporter: are you declaring victory here on nbc bay area? >> i think we're really close. >> reporter: thank you very much. rose herrera. a brutal campaign against jimmy nguyen, a newcomer to the scene in san jose and an attorney. rose is getting close to declare victory here. that also means that mayor chuck reed and his fiscal reform policies might remain intact and might progress a little further if he does declare victory here with rose herrera. >> 11:20 at night and a very confident rose herrera. now, to the east bay. a lot of people around the country are keeping their eye on this one. two democrats are locked in a fight for the 15th congressional district. pete stark, 80 years old, is challenged by dublin council
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member, eric stalwell. it could mean a lot of things around the east bay and the country. stalwell is the district attorney for the east bay. this has been a different race because this district changed significa significantly. stark's district changed significantly and changed who was out to vote. >> reporter: you with hear everybody cheering right now. there's about 150 supporters out here. and they're very encouraged by the recent numbers that show that stalwell is ahead. the 31-year-old is a dublin city councilman and a prosecutor with the district attorney's office. and he would unseat incumbent
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pete stark. >> i think the votes reflect the effort behind us here. and so many people have invested in our campaign with their hard work and just being out there and bringing their friends in, their neighbors and their families. it's so encouraging to us. >> i voted for pete stark. and the reason i voted for him, i think he's the leader of the people. he supports policy and legislation that benefits us. it benefits the nation. >> reporter: pete stark is 80 years old and has served in congress the last 40 years. we tried to talk to stark tonight. he got in his car and drove off. now, the new 15th district has 729,000 constituents. yes, jessica, as you mentioned, it has been newly redrawn. it now includes castro valley, dublin, pleasanton and several other cities.
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>> thank you, marianne. we stay in the east bay but move over to oakland for the at-large seat for city council. right now, 42% of the precincts in. kaplan has a lead. hoping to use this as a way to move himself toward a mayoral run in the future. >> one of the most notable politicians in the east bay. this would be an upset for his supporters. let's bring in monty francis who joins us in oakland. you talked to both candidates in the last hour. what's the latest there? >> reporter: that's right. rebecca kaplan says she's confident to keep her spot on the city council. with half of the precincts reporting. because oakland has rank choice
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voting, she has to get 50% plus one vote to win in the first roun round. he says he's not ready to concede the race. but if he loses, he says it won't be the end of his public life in oakland. >> i served 20 years. we transformed the district and it's a better place. i'm good. i feel good. i'm going to continue working in oakland. >> we're well ahead in returns so far. we're continuing to watch i'm very grateful for all of the supporters and for the voters. >> reporter: there are significant differences in how they would handle violence in oakland.
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kaplan voted at laying off police to increase the city budget. wean bela fuente says he's confident this will go to a second round. >> okay, monty. thank you. we want to go live to the state capitol, where jerry brown is about to address -- he's on the podium right now talking about prop 30. >> we're going to pull together as one people. a united states of america, just like we pulled together as californians first. that's the same thing. we were up against pretty tough opposition. opposition, not just to our public schools and investing in what they really need, but also in the rights of working people to organize and to organize the political power to advance the cause of working people
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everywhere. proposition 30, i know a lot of people had some doubts, had some questions about, can you really go to the people and ask them to vote for a tax? well, when i ran for governor, said three things. one i want to level with you, tell you the truth. no more smoke and mirrors on the budget. two, we're not going to have any taxes unless the people themselves vote for it. and, three, we're going to move government as close as we can to local communities and to the people. well, here we are. the state that said, let's raise our taxes for our kids, our
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schools and our california dream. i want to acknowledge and recognize and thank everyone that was a part of that. people standing in front of me, behind me. the different groups. we ought to acknowledge that what a wide coalition. people who would not otherwise agree on many things came together. they came together for many reasons. but a core reason that brought people together is supporting proposition 30. the belief in our schools and in our universities and in the capacity of the state government to make wise investments that will affect all of us. that is what proposition 30 was all about.
11:26 pm
the state's had some trouble times. we all have difficult challenges ahead. but the last couple years, we've come together and made major, major advances. and tonight, with president obama elected, opposed by some of the same forces that opposed you, that opposed proposition 30. and keep saying government can't do anything right. well, let's not go overboard with the kool-aid. thinking that government works with businesses and individuals and labor and management when they pull together proposition 30 is a unifying force. >> governor brown moving forward, very much taking a position that this is going to win. larry, let's bring you in right
11:27 pm
now. about a point and a half. just a couple of days ago, most of the pundits and the pollsters were saying this would have a very hard time passing. jerry brown on the ground, campaigning from one end to the other, pushing for this. really putting muscle behind it. it may have paid off for him. >> this would defy history. we have a history in the state of never passing propositions if we're not close to 60%. the polls show this at 48%. this is going better than the polls had it just last week. and it's due to jerry brown's campaigning nonstop across the table. can't tell you if it's going to win. but this man has made it a one-man battle. >> this had a long road. originally, another proposition, as well. he had to unite the california federation of teachers together, to make this one proposition. and opposition from the munger campaign. it had a hard road to travel. >> correct. the oddity is its biggest
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opposition came from a competing proposition. and when voters see competing proposition, they tend to vote no. so, brown had a huge uphill battle. and we can't say he's made it. but he's gone much farther than people thought he would. >> speaking confidently at this hour. it's still a slight margin. prop 30 trending in the yes direction. stay with us.
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want to take a slight deviation from our election coverage and turn it over to jeff raineri and see what we can expect tomorrow. >> numbers will be going down here the next couple of days. 15 records in 2 days, temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s, we're going to see numbers drop. the 89 in los gatos, going down to 61 on thursday. a 20-degree to 35-degree drop in our temperatures over the next 48 hours. a lot of cold air in the north bay. let's take you out to larger changes on the live camera network. in san francisco, winds are
11:31 pm
shifting out of the west. the fog starting to roll in. the cooler breeze is compressed right now. over the next couple of days, it will expand, the cooler temperatures and again, as we have been mentioning, the rainfall. let's get you back to the weather boards. we head throughout thursday morning. that's where the next rainfall will arrive in the north bay. and the rain will spread right to the south as we head throughout thursday afternoon. doesn't look like a huge soaker. about a quarter to a half-inch of rainfall. but we'll also get some brief periods of gusty winds on thursday and also friday. anywhere from about 15 to 25 miles per hour. instead of the 80s and 90s like we had for today, we head throughout wednesday. temperatures will be in the low 70s in the north bay. also, to livermore, 75. 73 in los gatos. that's more like it in san francisco, with 68 expected there. doing any traveling or you have loved ones back here, a nor'easter is taking shape right now. already starting to slam parts of the east coast. and with this one, not only
11:32 pm
rainfall for those hard-hit areas. but also snow. anywhere from one to three inches for parts of new york city down to staten island. also, sea bright, new jersey. the same areas that got slammed by hurricane sandy, about to get hit by this storm system that could produce winds 30 to 50 miles per hour. more power outages. isolated flooding, and not to mention, the heartache there, as many people are still trying to clean up. on our three-day forecast, there's temperatures in the 70s for wednesday. by thursday and friday, 60s coming back. rain returns on thursday. a few isolated thunderstorms possible on friday. and we stay with that cooler trend for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. so, if you have the shorts out today, it's time to get the jackets ready. it will be a slip for us in thursday's forecast. >> jeff, thank you. back to our local issues now. another local issue getting national attention, that proposed soda tax in richmond. its measure n. that would put a penny tax on
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all drinks with sugar in them. think of soda, and certain juices. obesity rates in richmond are higher than in some areas. it's being defeated in a big way. 68% to 32%, no on measure n in richmond. >> we talked about proposition 30, which is up 3.4 points, where it was just a few minutes ago. that's continuing to claim and prop 38. there's a lot of other propositions to talk about, as well. janelle wang joins us with how those are faring. >> there's three propositions had to do with convictions. with 43% of the precincts reporting, it is failing right now. 46-54. nbc bay area is calling this race as defeated. let's move on to proposition 35, which increases prison sentences
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and fines for convicted human traffickers. and would require them to register as sex offenders. this is winning overwhelmingly, 82% to 18%. nbc bay area calling this one as passing. and prop 36, would modify the streets right law. it would end the automatic life in prison sentence, this prop is passing. 69% to 31%. nbc bay area is calling as passing. about 3,000 inmates, when this passes, with a weak third strike, could be resentenced. 20 states have a similar three strikes law. but california was the strictest. a yes on 35 and 36. no on repealing the death penalty. >> okay, janelle. let's get back to our results on prop 30. in the last 90 minutes, it's been trending. yes on 30. you see it

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